Great, friendly service!

Rob Werner
Customer Review
Great, friendly service! Stayed after scheduled hours to assist me with my vehicle.

These guys rock!

The lady and I were on a road trip when the muffler in her RAV4 failed and developed a hole large enough to start recirculating some of the exhaust back into the car's cabin (in addition to being REALLY loud). After calling the two nearest Toyota dealerships and several auto parts stores, I was directed to Clint at Schaeffer Auto with the promise that "if anyone can help you, it's him". Without a doubt, they were right. Within an hour, Clint called me back to let me know that the muffler that would've taken us 2 days just to show up if ordered from anywhere else (including Toyota) was already on order and would be there 1st thing in the morning. I had called him initially at 4:30 in the afternoon, and the shop closes at 5. He called me back AFTER they had closed to let me know that he could solve our problem and save us time, and could get us back on the road in half the time of anyone else in the area. 5 stars. These guys rock. - Brad C.

Yes, Strongly Recommend Schaeffer's

Clint & Victor have delivered great service!  Clint takes the time to really listen to my concerns & address them.  Strongly recommend this shop!! Pricing is fair and reasonable.  -  Kelley Schipp, 12/3/15 Testimonial.

Amazing work, I also recommend Schaeffer's

"Thanks to Jennifer for pointing me in the right direction  Clint is a great guy and does amazing work. Anyone needing a great mechanic should trust Schaeffer Automotive!!  I also recommend them now!! - Susan Young, New Customer thanks to a referral from a friend!"

Jennifer Schaeffer, You Rock

"Just sent someone your way! Thanks so much for taking the time to figure out what was wrong with my vehicle and for checking around to get me an AMAZING deal! Clint Schaeffer of Schaeffer Automotive in Huntingburg IN- YOU ROCK!! :)

- Thank you Jennifer for the referral and the testimonial you put on our Facebook Page!  We appreciate the business.

Eryka Crouse, Testimonial

"Great, Trustworthy mechanic. Fair prices, very knowledgeable. Highly recommend." - Facebook Review for Schaeffer's Automotive, Clint Schaeffer mechanic

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