Thank you, Clint!

I just want to give a shutout to Clint. New Years Eve when my mail Jeep transmission went out, I called everywhere, the quotes and the flat refusals to fix it had me so stressed. Clint is on my route and I called him, he said bring it in.. I will get you a quote. Not only did he look at it, he found a lot of issues... he found me a transmission, 2 tires, fixing my brakes, the oil pan leak, the other multiple issues, and all within my budget. He is awesome! - Misty W. (recommended on Facebook)

Thanks to the whole crew!

Brian Lavern
Customer Review
The Schaeffer magic rocks, fluid in the radiator, roadside tire repair ( Clint was there in literally minutes ) and the slow leak in a radiator hose, the car is starting to sparkle, it runs way better after any visit to Cliff, him and the crew care about cars, and go beyond to make them sing, and they made it under the estimate. Touch that! Thanks to the whole crew!

So thankful for Schaeffer Automotive!

Clint has been such a God-send in helping me find resolutions for my vehicle that I have had consistent issues with. The vehicle has been in many other shops and they all fall short in comparison to Schaeffer Automotive, and it will never go anywhere else again. We’re so very thankful for him and his staff- nothing but positives can be said! - Emily R. (5 star review on Google)

Always available with suggestions!

Emily Retone
Customer Review
Schaeffer Automotive has been a God send for our family multiple times, all within a short period. Having a vehicle that hasn’t ran properly for a long time and consistently has issues is stressful in every possible way. However, ever since we were referred to Clint, he has eased the pain. He is always available, always has suggestions, is always looking out for the customer’s wallet, and is as honest and reliable as they come. My family and I are forever grateful to him and will continue to do business there, as well as refer others to no one else.

They were below the estimate!!

Brian Lavern
Customer Review
This the second time I have taken the car to Schaeffer automotive, and again absolutely impressive all across the board, (a tranny flush and filter in my 323i beams ), and even though I had failed to mention possibly checking the differential bell housing fluid, they had already done that and topped it off with fluid, and for the first time in decades of cross country driving, they were below the estimate, my car and myself thank the entire crew! Well done Mr Schaeffer, well done. Bryn

P.S.- My car says thank you!

Customer Review
Beyond excellence and expectations, one of the finest garages I've encountered in 45 states, with national references, simply stated. With my BMW 323 I will call them first, props to Clint and Vic and the whole team. P.S.- My car says thank you!

Highly recommend.

Great place. Great service. Best place when you need work done on your car. Highly recommend. - John S. (5 star review on Google)

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